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Section I — PLAYERS

A. Responsibilities

1. Will attend all practices/games as established by the coach or league. If a player is not able to attend a practice or a game, he/she has the responsibility to notify the coach as soon as possible.
2. Will wear proper equipment and league provided uniform to all games and practices as directed by the League.
3. Will wear shin guards and bring a ball to all practices.
4. Will bring proper hydration to each practice and game (i.e. water, Gatorade).

B. Behavior

1. Will insure that his/her conduct is that of a young lady or gentleman at all games and practices.
2. Will NOT use profanity or abusive language against any individual including the coach, coaching assistants, officials, or another player while attending or participating in any sanctioned events on SWYSL premises.
3. Will NOT engage in fighting (verbal or physical assault) against any individual including the coach, coaching assistants, officials, or another player while attending or participating in any sanctioned events on SWYSL premises.
4. Will maintain a practice and game environment that is conducive to learning and playing of the game of soccer.

C. Disciplinary Procedures

1. If a player has missed 4 consecutive practices unexcused or continually disrupts practices, the coach can:       
a. try to resolve the conflicts by talking to the player’s parents/guardians. The coach should inform the parents/guardians that if the player’s attitude doesn’t improve, the coach will request the league to suspend the player for the next scheduled game;
b. notify the Board of Directors of the disciplinary problem and request that the player be suspended for the next scheduled game;
c. the Board of Directors will investigate the facts and if warranted, suspend the player for a suitable period of time;
d. a league official will call the player’s parents/guardians and inform them of the decision that their child has been suspended for the designated period of time. The league official should also inform the parents/guardians that if the player’s behavior doesn’t improve, the coach will request that:

1. the parents/guardians attend all practice sessions to assist him/her in the supervision of their child;
2. the league suspend the child for the balance of the year. Players shall receive a verbal warning for any behavior that is:
• unbecoming of a young lady or gentleman;
• disrespectful towards the coaches, officials and players;
• displays bad sportsmanship.

The warning should consist of that this behavior is NOT going to be tolerated and what disciplinary action will be rendered for any future occurrences.


A. Responsibilities

1. Southwest Youth Soccer is a voluntary organization and your active participation in the league at some capacity is expected. Your participation will not only ensure the player’s development and success of the league, but will become a consideration when league membership needs to be restricted due to lack of facilities or volunteers. Possible levels of participation are:

a) Board member or age group commissioner;

b) Coach or assistant coach;

c) Team parent;

d) Field preparation

e) Referee

2. Reinforce to their child the expected behavior at practices and games towards the coach and officials.
3. Assist the coach in the correcting of undesirable behavior of their child.
4. Support the league and coaches in all decisions rendered. This applies to:
a. Disciplinary action;
b. Practices and game rules

5. Ascertain that the child arrives at games and practices at the time scheduled by the coach properly prepared for practice with proper equipment, drinks, etc., and picks up their child promptly at the conclusion of the game or practice.
6. Parent/Guardian(s) SHALL NOT LEAVE their child until the team coach/parent has arrived and accepted responsibility for their child.
7. Always show respect to officials and do not question official decisions.
8. Reinforce the meaning of sportsmanship into their child.
9. Provide the league with the hold harmless document if they desire their child to play with a cast or some other medical consideration.

B. Behavior

1. Will ensure that conduct while in attendance at games shall reflect courtesy, sportsmanship, good citizenship and a positive example for the players at all times.
2. Will cheer for all teams in a positive, supportive manner.
3. Will refrain at all times from making hostile, negative or abusive remarks about any players.
4. Will enter a facility quietly, will at no time enter the playing area or throw foreign objects or other material onto the playing field, and exit in an orderly manner at the conclusion of the event.
4. Will follow all facility rules and regulations, respecting at all times the property of others.
5. Will park in designated parking spaces only.
6. Will dispose of all trash in the receptacles provided.
7. Will not be permitted on the players side of the field during games.
8. Will not bring alcoholic beverages onto the premises.

C. Disciplinary Procedures

1. For minor offenses parents or any spectator can be asked to leave the grounds for the duration of the game or practice.
2. For repetitive offenses or offenses not considered major, can be banned from the games or practices for a time duration as established by the Board of Directors.
3. For major offenses or continuous undesirable behavior, the board or an appointed committee will determine the punishment. Possible actions are:
a. Total ban from the games and practices;
b. Removal of their child(ren) from the league;
c. Total ban from participating in any KYSA sanctioned league or event.
4. Violation of any of these guidelines may result in forfeiture of a game, suspension, or a ban from SWYSL.


1. All disciplinary actions can be appealed to the Southwest Youth Soccer Board.
2. The appeal must be in writing and state the full facts of the situation; disciplinary action taken; and the reasons for the appeal.
3. The president of the board can issue an injunction to stop the disciplinary action if, in his/her opinion, the charges should be reviewed by the board prior to the disciplinary action being enforced.

Administrative Rules

Article 1 – Organization

Section 1
The soccer year shall be from June 1 through May 31 of the following year. Southwest Youth Soccer League (SWYSL) will operate two seasons (2) spring and fall. The appropriate paperwork (Change of Registered Agent, Annual Report, etc. shall be filed with the Secretary of State no later than June 30th of each year.

Section 2
The Board of Directors shall meet six times a season at a mutually agreeable location and shall place on its website any changes in time or location within a reasonable time.

Section 3
These Administrative Rules, as well as Player & Parent Guidelines, shall be reviewed and updated each season by the Board and Coaches for the upcoming soccer year.

Section 4
The League age of a player for the spring season will be April 1 and fall season will be October 1. This will determine the division that he/she will play in the upcoming season. A player will be allowed a request to play up or down one season with board approval. This request must be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing. If the Board approves the request, the Parent/Guardian must sign a Waiver

Section 5
Southwest Youth Soccer League shall adopt the Laws of the Game as adopted by Kentucky Soccer Referee Association. Those Laws shall be adhered to except where the Rules and/or Players and Parents Guidelines of Southwest Youth Soccer League supersede the Laws of the Game.

Section 6
Age divisions for SWYSL will be grouped primarily by school grade age:

Tiny Tots – Age 3-4 or PreK Preps – Age 5-7 or K-2nd Grade
Juniors – Age 8-10 or 3rd-5th Grade Middle School – Age 11-13 or 6th-8th Grade
High School – Age 14-17 or 9th -12th Grade 18-up (adult)

A player’s school grade will supersede player’s age for placement for one season max, not to exceed 17 years of age. This will allow for a child to remain with his school grade in fall season, but must move up in spring.

A returning player may play up one season (spring) or as approved by the Board of Directors. No new players will be allowed to play up.

Age divisions may be adjusted from one playing season to the next in any Soccer year when approved by the Board of Directors of SWYSL.

The uniform issued to each player by the SWYSL shall not be modified in any way. The league does not allow for players to wear any type of face paint during any game or practices. No jewelry of any kind will be permitted during practices or games; this includes studs for newly pierced ears.

SWYSL may arrange additional games with other teams to participate in recreational jamborees. SWYSL may arrange or sanction clinics or camps as it sees fit.

Article 2 – Player Registration

Section 1
To be properly registered, a player who is 18 and over (or Parent/Guardian) must complete the required registration contract, show proof of age), pay the registration fee in full and be approved by SWYSL. SWYSL reserves the right to refuse any registration after review by the Board. Proof of age is not required for returning players, unless requested. Registration contracts must be filled out at a SWYSL sign-up or mailed to SWYSL by the final registration date to be considered. The registration forms become property of the Board. Registrations received after the final scheduled registration dates may be accepted and will either be placed in the draft, or if received after the draft, placed on the next available team.

Section 2
The registration contract is a mutual agreement between the player and SWYSL in force until the end of the current playing season. The player agrees to attend a reasonable number of practices and games for the team to which he/she is assigned and to conduct himself/herself properly. If the player misses four (4) consecutive practices, the coach may elect not to play him/her during the next scheduled game. Any such shall be agreed upon by the Coaching Administrator and/or the Vice President. SWYSL agrees to provide coaches and supervision, practice sessions and a schedule of games.

Section 3
The Board will honor a written request for a player not to be assigned to a specific coach or team. The Board will not guarantee any other written request.

Article 3 – Player Team Assignments

Section 1
The Registrar will assign players to teams based upon draft outcome. No special consideration to team assignments will be given except in case of the coach’s (to include head coach and assistant coach) child/children, or members of the same family household who are in the same age division. Teams shall be balanced as best possible according to age and gender.

Section 2
Any player returning to the same age division as the previous playing season shall be assigned to the same team in order of registration, until teams are full. If teams are full, as of the last sign-up date set by the Board, returning players are then placed in the draft. If a coach has not returned for the new playing season then the team members will be kept together whenever possible. Siblings are given consideration after returning players; (i.e. team is full with returning players, siblings may be placed in the draft.)

Section 3
Any player advancing into a higher age division will be placed in the draft and assigned to a team as provided under Section 1 of this Article.

Article 4 – Player Releases

Section 1
SWYSL may release a player from his/her agreement during a playing season for any of the following reasons:

a. Request of the player or coach with Board approval. If released a player would be reassigned in the same manner as a player entering a new division, if he/she registers again at a later date in accordance with Article 3, Section 1 of these Administrative Rules.

b. Discipline reasons (from a player or parent), i.e. extreme misconduct, unsportsmanlike conduct, fighting, repeated use of profanity or destruction of League or park property, at practice, games or other team/league activities.

Section 2
Should a player be released from his/her player registration contract, no refund of the registration fee shall be automatically due. Refunds may be made following approval by the Board. A partial refund will be made upon approval by the Board, if the League has already incurred an expense, (i.e. insurance, uniforms, referees.). Refunds shall be issued such as: from sign ups to drafts – full refund minus $15.00 fee; after drafts $15.00 fee and $12.70 cost for insurance plus cost of uniform; after the first regular season game there will be no refunds, no exceptions.

Article 5 – Coaches & League Officials

Section 1
All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Parents and League Officials (and any other volunteers who may be closely associated with the Players) shall be required to complete an information sheet and have a background check on file with SWYSL each soccer season.

Section 2
The Board prior to the start of the soccer season must approve all coaches and assistant coaches. New coaches or assistant coaches will be required to interview with the Board. An individual that does not meet the criteria in Section 3 may apply to the Board for approval. The Board will consider each request based on soccer knowledge, maturity level and age division requested to coach. The Board reserves the right to approve or disapprove any request. No one may serve as a Head Coach on more than one (1) team in any soccer season without Board approval.

Section 3
With the exception of the Tiny Tots and Preps divisions, all head coaches must be at least 21 years of age. All assistant coaches must be at least 18 years of age. The Tiny Tots and Preps division coaches must be at least 18 years of age.

Section 4
Coaches are responsible for scheduling practices with a minimum of one (1) per week to a maximum of three (3) per week, not to exceed 5 hours of practice time in any week, weather permitting. All SWYSL team practices shall be held at Sun Valley Park.  Another location may be used but only with board approval prior. Any coach of two more teams must hold separate practices with each team. Practices will not be held on the fields at any time. Those coaches, who do not follow this rule, will be subject to disciplinary action to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 5
Following drafts and team selection for the season, coaches are responsible for contacting all team members and must maintain an open line of communication throughout the season.

Article 6 – Field and Game Procedures

Section 1
The Coaching/Field Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for having the fields prepared for games.

Section 2
If a team coach cannot be present at a game or team activity, the team must have an adult (21 years of age or over, 18 for Tiny Tots/Preps); designated by the coach, to be present who shall assume responsibility for the team. The team coach must notify the Coaching Administrator and/or the Vice President in such event prior to the game or team activity; a background check must be on file for any individual assuming responsibility.

Section 3
Each team shall be ready to play at their scheduled game time or the game may be forfeited to the other team, in accordance with Article 9, Section 1.

Section 4
The game times and roster requirements are as follows, there are no goalies in the Tiny Tots division:

Age Divisions          Tots  Preps  Jrs  Srs  HS    Adult
Maximum Players tbd by team roster size
Players to Start Game tbd by team roster size
Game Ball Size       #3   #3      #4      #5     #5   #5
Length of Play 4-8M  4-10M  2-25M  2-30M  2-35M  2-40M
Breaks               2-5-2M  2-5-2M  5M     5M       5M             5M

2017 Spring season min/max

Middle School    11   Jr  11     Prep   9.  Min is 7 across all fields except tiny tots

The above is a general rule; the Board of Directors will finalize and publish exact players to start a game, max number of field players, length of play, and field size prior to the start of each season if any changes are necessary. Registered rosters and teams may vary season to season, thus causing changes to the above.  In the event that a team has less than the minimum allowed to play that team can pull from a team in a lower division to meet the minimum number allowed to play to avoid a forfeit.  It is not permitted to pull up from the lower division to have a sub.  The unrostered player must wear the same color as the team they are playing up for.   This will only be allowed during the regular season and not during the tournament.  

There will be no overtime during the regular season game schedule. If a game is tied at the end of regular play, it will end in a tie and be recorded as same. At tournament time, overtime will be used as provided for in Article 7, Section 2.

Section 5
Coaching procedures are listed as follows:

Coaches will instruct from the side of the field in the designated area only, for all age divisions with the exception of Tiny Tots and Preps divisions. Coaching procedures for Tiny Tots and Preps divisions are as follows:

For the Tiny Tots, two coaches may be on the field for instruction at all times during the game; Team Parent/volunteers (must have background check on file) will be allowed to sit on the bench. No goalie or throw-ins will be used in this division. No player on any team shall be allowed to score more than six (6) goals during any one game, regardless of the score of the game.

For Preps, (only for the first 2 games, scrimmage game plus 1 regular season or in case of no scrimmage game the first 2 regular season games) one coach may be on the field for instruction at all times during the game; however the coach may not interfere with the play or enter the penalty box (18 – yard box). If this occurs, it may/will result in a penalty kick for the opposing team. For the remainder of the season and including tournaments, one coach will be allowed up and down the sidelines for instructions.

All coaches shall observe and strictly enforce the following:

The designated side of the field (where the coaches’ box is outlined) is for the Head Coach, and Assistant Coach only( Tiny Tots and Prep division is allowed a Team Manager on the bench if desired). (Note: If a team coach cannot be present at a game, the team may have an adult; designated by the coach, to be present who shall assume responsibility. The team coach may notify the Coaching Administrator and/or Vice President in such event prior to the game; a background check must be on file for any individual assuming responsibility.)
Spectators must remain on the opposite side of the field from the coaches’ box during the game. No parent shall station themselves behind the goal(s) at any time during the games.
No parent shall coach from the sidelines.

Section 6
SWYSL adopts the Heat Index Measurement Guidelines utilized by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA), which is as follows:

Under 95 degrees Heat Index
1. Water should always be available and athletes be able to take in as much water as they desire.
2. Optional water breaks every 30 minutes for 10 minutes in duration to allow hydration as a group
3. Have towels with ice for cooling of athletes as needed
4. Watch/monitor athletes carefully for necessary action.
5. Re-check temperature and humidity every 30 minutes if temperature rises in order to monitor for increased Heat Index.

95 degrees to 99 degrees Heat Index
1. Water should always be available and athletes should be able to take in as much water as they desire.
2. Mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes for 10 minutes in duration to allow for hydration as a group
3. Have towels with ice for cooling of athletes as needed
4. Watch/monitor athletes carefully for necessary action.
5. Re-check temperature and humidity every 30 minutes to monitor for increased Heat Index.

100 degrees (above 99 degrees) to 104 degrees Heat Index
1. Water should always be available and athletes should be able to take in as much water as they desire.
2. Mandatory water breaks every 30 minutes for 10 minutes in duration to allow for hydration as a group
3. Have towels with ice for cooling of athletes as needed
4. Watch/monitor athletes carefully for necessary action.
5. Alter uniform by removing items if possible and permissible by rules
6. Allow for changes to dry t-shirts and shorts by athletes at defined intervals.
7. Reduce time of outside activity as well as indoor activity if air conditioning is unavailable.
8. Postpone practice to later in day.
9. For sports that do not have mandatory protective equipment, reduce time of outside activity and consider postponing practice to
later in the day.
10. Re-check temperature and humidity every 30 minutes to monitor for changes in Heat Index.

Above 104 degrees Heat Index
1. Stop all outside activity in practice and/or play, and stop all inside activity if air conditioning is unavailable.

COLD WEATHER GUIDELINES: At this time, SWYSL has not adopted any guidelines, etc. as to practices during cold weather months. Practices will be held at the coach’s discretion. SWYSL reserves the right to amend this guideline as it becomes necessary.
Section 7
At the beginning of each game both teams and a coach from each team will go to the center of the field for uniform checks with the referee.  Once the teams walk off from the uniform check and it is later determined that a player has an incorrect uniform, at that point it will be too late to pull a player out of a game for that infraction and no penalty will be given.

Article 7 – Team Alignment and Scheduling

Section 1
The League is a recreational league, with exception to the high school division. There will be no all-stars or try-outs for the regular recreational season, except for the High School division, in which case SWYSL coaches will be allowed to host try-outs and subsequent draft selections; all players will be drafted. The High School division will be managed as a recreational/competitive division. The SWYSL teams will compete against area schools if applicable.

Section 2
Each season will have a minimum of eight (8) regular season games. SWYSL may choose to schedule a single elimination tournament to follow the regular season, with the exception of the Adult Divisions. Tournament placement will be determined by each team’s win/loss record and seed as reported by Coaches. All reported scores will stand. If two or more teams are tied at the end of regular season, tie breakers are as follows: goals scored against divided into goals scored and the percentage will determine the seed in the tournament.

For any division that has 6 or more teams, the regular season champion as defined above will be awarded the top seed in the tournament. The second place team will draw opposite bracket to the top seed and each team thereafter will draw blindly for their position in the tournament. For 5 or fewer teams, the tournament will be set so that the top seed will be aligned with the three seed and second seed being aligned with the four or five seed.

At tournament time, overtime will be used.

Games will be played in the tournament observing the same soccer rules observed all season with exception to the overtime period. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation,

Age Divisions                    Tots  Preps  Jrs  Srs  HS  Adult
Overtime Periods (in half’s) NA  5M   6M 7M 10M NA
Shoot Out                              NA  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes  NA
Sudden Death Shootout        NA Yes  Yes Yes Yes NA

Overtime periods will be played in halves. If a game goes to overtime, the referee would consult with the captains and flip a coin asking for ball possession and defense of a goal (just like the start of the game). The kickoff would ensue and the game would be played for the overtime period designated for the age division. At the end of the first overtime “half”, the two teams stay on the field and switch sides. Then the second overtime “half” is played. Substitutions/goalie changes cannot happen at the switch of the halves, but will be allowed at a normal substitution opportunity (throw-in, goal kick, etc.).

If the game is still tied after playing the first two overtime halves, a shoot out occurs.  Another coin toss determines who will shoot first.  It is played with 5 players from each team that was on the field at the end of the overtime periods.  All 5 players from each team will shoot.

If the game is still tied after the shoot out is played, the game goes to a sudden death shootout. Another coin-toss occurs determining who shoots first. Five players are picked from each team. These kickers must be selected from the Players who were on the field at the end of play. The five will take penalty kicks until either the game is settled or all kickers have kicked. If the game remains tied, a second five (different than first group of five) are picked. When a goal is scored, the game is over except that both teams will get an equal opportunity to shoot (for example, if the first team shoots and scores, the other team gets one chance to tie. Conversely, if the first team fails to score and the second team scores, the game is immediately over).

Section 3
Teams shall play an even number of players on both sides of the field, when there is less than the full number of players to start, and during the game; with the exception of a red card being issued. The exception to this rule is Tiny Tots; a game may be played with uneven players as this division is a learning division.

Section 4
Participation trophies will be given to all teams. Individual trophies will not be given in the high school division, but a team trophy will be presented to the Championship winner of both the regular season and tournament.

Article 8 – Game Postponement and Rescheduling

Section 1
All rescheduling of games shall be done by the Coaching Administrator with the concurrence of the President.

Section 2
Games may be rescheduled in the following situations:

Should the game have been called due to weather conditions or poor field conditions under order of the Referee, Risk Management and/or Referee Coordinator.

Regular season games may not be rescheduled except by order of the Coaching Administrator or the President.

Section 3
Should a game be suspended due to weather conditions, after the first half has been completed, it shall be considered a complete game. Should the game be suspended prior to the completion of the first half, the entire game will be rescheduled. Refer to Section 2 of this Article.

Section 4
Teams must report to the field ready to play unless officially notified. Failure to field a team at game time until ten (10) minutes past game time will result in forfeiture and will not be rescheduled.

Article 9 – Forfeits

Section 1
The referee may require a game to be forfeited if any of the following occur in reference to a team:

a. Play of an illegal, suspended or unregistered player.

b. Fails to field a sufficient number of players. These players must be on the field and ready to play no later than ten (10) minutes after game time.

c. Fails to have a responsible adult present at game time.

d. Misconduct of a player, coach or spectator associated with that team.

Section 2
In the event the referee shall require that a game be forfeited, as outlined in Section 1 above, the officiating referee shall report in writing any forfeits and/or violations to the Disputes Coordinator and/or the Referee Coordinator. In the event a game is forfeited, however, the teams wish to play, the game may be played as a scrimmage and will not count toward their win/loss records.

Article 10 – Grievances and Appeals

Section 1
All grievances or appeals must be submitted to the President, Vice President, or President. It will be brought before the Board for review at their next scheduled meeting. The Board on any grievance or appeal may call a special meeting. The need for a special meeting will be decided on a case by case basis. Any and all results reached by the Board of Directors in these instances are final.

Section 2
At any meetings held by SWYSL to rule on grievances or appeals, procedures and time limits may be set to insure that fair evaluations are made. All parties involved will be requested to attend the meetings.

Article 11 – Penalties for Rule Violations

Section 1
It is the Board’s duty to follow up on any reported violations of any Southwest Youth Soccer League rules. The Board has the authority to investigate and take the necessary action to enforce these rules.

Section 2
Should a player be ejected from a game by receiving a direct RED CARD that player’s team must finish the game a player short and that player should not be allowed to participate in the next SWYSL game (which may not occur until the following season). The referee issuing a direct RED CARD shall notify the Board and the Referee Administrator, Vice President, Disputes Coordinator, and, Secretary immediately. Red Card Reports will be made available to the Referee at the time of the occurrence and must be filled out immediately after the game in which the incident occurred and given to the Referee Administrator and/or Vice President.

Section 3
Should a coach be ejected from the game or playing field due to rule violations he/she shall not be allowed to coach the next SWYSL game and he/she will be required to appear before the Board.

Section 4
If a Player, Coach, Assistant Coach receives a Red Card they will be asked to leave the field for the remainder of the current game and the following game. If a Player, Coach, Assistant Coach receives a Red Card at the end of a game, then they will not be allowed to participate in the next 2 SWYSL games. If a Coach or Assistant Coach is a coach for multiple teams, said Coach will not be allowed to coach ANY of his/her teams for the following 2 calendar days of schedule games (if it is at the end of the season, this action will carry over to the following season).

A Player, Coach, Assistant Coach who has been issued a Red Card will be immediately asked to leave the playing field and may not remain on the sideline with the team.

Section 5
The individual that does not abide by the restrictions in Article 11, Sections 1, 2, & 3 shall be restricted from all SWYSL activities until the individual has appeared before the Board.

Section 6
Misconduct of a coach, players or fans resulting in cautions being issued or removal of a coach, player or fan from the premises shall be reported in writing to the Board within 48 hours. The Board may suspend any of the persons involved from play or participation in SWYSL for a period that shall be determined by the Board. Any person or persons that have been suspended from SWYSL activities or the premises is required to request a hearing by the Board prior to returning to the League in any capacity. The person or persons requesting the hearing must appear at the scheduled hearing, considerations will be made for a mutual time for both parties, for the meeting. The suspension will not be lifted until said person or persons have appeared before the Board of Directors.

Section 7
Any and all disciplinary action, including suspension times, previously stated in these Rules are merely the minimum action which may be taken the Board of Directors. After meeting to review the infraction or violation, the Board of Directors may impose any disciplinary action which it deems appropriate and the length of suspension times may vary from those stated above.

Any questions about said Rules will be addressed in a timely manner. They may be submitted verbally or in writing to the Board of Directors.

SWYSL Administrative Rules revised on 12/6/16.

Board of Directors
Southwest Youth Soccer League